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Wills (State of Texas)

FREE Will Templates (MS WORD format)
/ Note: These templates are for the State of Texas only. /
Single - with no kids  
Single - with minor (under age 18) child  
Single - without minor (under age 18) child  
Married - with children (Husband's version)  
Married - with children (Wife's version)  
Married - without minor children (under age 18)  

If you need assistance with any of the templates above, please contact:
Randy Malone by phone at 512.658.0892 or by e-mail at


You can simply fill in the blank and scratch out what is not needed as most Wills are designed for both male & female and the choice for (Executrix/Executor) is also set up for male or female.

The forms are in MS Word format so it should be easy to edit if you want to type in the names and delete the sections you would scratch through. Once you see the forms you should understand what the sections are.

Normally the two names of the witnesses, dates and Notary information are the only blanks left once you edit, unless you know ahead of time who your witnesses may be.

There are a number of different Wills, pick the one that best fits your needs.



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