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Honorary ID & Concealed Carry Information

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concealed carry

| Step #1 |

First of all, you must obtain an Honorary Retired Officer ID. If you have an ID card already, check the back side. You need the one that does not have an expiration date on it. If you have one that does expire you can wait until you have to re-new to obtain the new one. If you simply want the ID card and do not want to carry a weapon, this is the only step you need to take.

Note: If you do not have a computer, you will need to contact Randy Malone for more information.

Identification Card Honorably Retired Peace Officers

| Step #2 |

Instructions for Right to Carry as Retired Officer at APD Range and Qualification Dates


Retirees who possess a retiree photo identification may qualify at the Department’s range. The Range at this time is supplying 9mm ammo. If you are shooting with other than a 9mm, you will need to bring your own.

* * * If you are not shooting a 9mm, Bring Your Own Ammo * * *

You no longer have to call to schedule with the range. The 2nd Wednesday and each month has been set aside for retirees. You will need your Retiree ID card and your Drivers License.

| 2023 Qualification Dates & Times for Retirees |

January 11
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
February 8
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
March 8
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
April 12
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
May 10
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
June 14
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
July 12
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
August 9
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
September 13
October 11
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
November 8
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am
December 11
7am / 8am / 9am / 10am

| Step #3 |

Shooting at Range other than APD Range

If you are shooing at a range other than the APD Range, you must use a certified firearms instructor that is qualified to conduct a firearms qualification test for active duty officers. Most states should have a standardized form for out of state officers to use when qualifying, and the Range instructors probably have the form or can tell you how to obtain one. TCOLE (TCLEOSE) does not have a form APD retirees who shoot in Texas but not at the APD Range. If you cannot obtain a form to use we created a form that has all the needed information on it, should you need to prove you qualified.

* * * Bring Your Own Ammo * * *

For those shooting in Texas but not at the APD range:

If you are carrying under Texas Law, you have to qualify every two years. If you travel out of state you may want to shoot every year just to be covered outside of Texas.

For those shooting at an Out of State range:

* * *
If you do not have an ID card signed off on by Range Instructor, you do need to have a copy of the form
showing you qualified, keep original in safe place in case needed.
* * *

If you have any questions, please contact Randy Malone 512.658.0692 /

Other Firing Ranges

Schaefer Training Academy
948 Sandy Creek Road
Dale, TX 78616

Lockhart PD Firing Range
214 Bufkin Lane
Lockhart, Texas 78644

Call a few days ahead to make sure a Range Master is available.

Lockhart PD Range Contacts

Lieutenant Daniel Williams #8806 / 512.398.4401 ext 292

Lockhart Police Department-Criminal Investigations
512.398.4401 ext 292
512.398.3393 Fax


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