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The following information is for all Austin Police Officer retirees whether members of the APD Retirees association or not. The information is being provided because of the discrepancies and issues in the past regarding funerals for retired APD Officers.

The Austin Police Department, the Retirement System, and the APROA
should be notified of a retired officer's death.

/ See contact information below /

When contacting the department, please ask them to have the Honor Guard Commander contact the family regarding any Honors desired for the funeral or memorial service.

When a retired Police Officer from APD dies, his/her next of kin has the option of certain Honors. They are similar to an active officer's not-in-the-line-of-duty death. The proper protocols for the honors at the funeral or memorial service are spelled out in the APD Funeral Committee General Orders. The Honors allotted to a retired Austin Police Officer are as follows:

1. Pall Bearers
2. U.S. Flag
3. Bagpipes
4. Bugler

Part of problem is that the retiree is not letting their next of kin know that these honors are available and is not providing the next of kin with the proper procedures to contact the department and/or honor guard. In order to facilitate that process, a retired officer has been placed on the APD Funeral Committee to represent retired officers and their families.
(see below for contact information)

If the family of the retiree chooses to have the APD Honor Guard participate in the funeral or memorial service of a retired officer, the Commander of the APD Honor Guard needs to be notified as soon as possible so he can meet with the family as they meet with the funeral home. This is NOT to "take over" the arrangements. It is because even though there are guidelines for the funeral, each funeral and the wishes of each family is different. A family may desire all, none, or only some of the honors authorized by the department to recognize their service to the agency and the public. It is the intent of the department and Honor Guard that the wishes of the family be respected.

Understand that the Honors provided at a funeral are not just thrown together at the last minute. The Austin Police Department Honor Guard performs their duties in a very precise and solemn military fashion and needs certain information about the funeral arrangements so they can plan the performance of their duties for any given funeral. The Honor Guard does not desire to “take over” the arrangements from the family. Rather, they only wish to honor the retired officer for their service to the department and the public…within the confines established by the family… and to assist the family during this difficult time.


Please make notifications to the department about the death of a retired officer to the Chief's office.  Ask the Chief’s Office to have the Honor Guard Commander contact the family concerning any Honors desired for the funeral or memorial service.

APD Chief & Assistant Chiefs

Please make notifications to the department about the death of a retired officer to the APROA by contacting any member of the Board of Directors or the APD Funeral Committee-APROA Representative.

APD Funeral Committee - APROA Representative

Tim Kresta

Please make notifications to the Retirement System about the death of a retired officer by contacting the appropriate system as shown below:


City of Austin Employees Retirement System
(only for those who retired under this system)

Austin Police Retirement System


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